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The ‘Mercado Historico de Sotogrande’ (Historical Market Sotogrande) the up-market antiques and craft market takes place every Sunday morning at the Ribera del Marlin near Sotogrande Marina. This is the one that was located by the yacht club for many years.

La Ribera del Marlin, near the Marina

Opening Times:
Every Sunday: 10.00 – 14.00 hrs.   All year round.


Night market billed as ‘where you can find everything you want’, perhaps a little over optimistic, but well worth a stroll nevertheless.  Alongside the Mercado del Levante (see below) which includes gourmet food trucks and children’s food trucks.

La Ribera del Marlin, near the Marina

Opening Times:
Every Wednesday and Thursday summer evenings from 19.00 to 00.00 hrs hrs.


Launched in Summer 2015 and continued in summer 2016 and 2017 is the confusingly named  ‘Mercado del Levante’. It was more of an overarching brand name for a series of vintage food trucks, gourmet food stalls, restaurants, live music, drinks and cocktails that took place on summer evenings on the La Ribera del Marlin quay in Sotogrande marina area. The Sunday Craft Market and Night markets (see above) also come under this banner.  Additional activities take place each summer on a scheduled basis such as  occasional live music.  Near the entrance, since 1993 there is a good children’s playground called Jugania with inflatable castles and more, youngsters can hire four seater peddle carts and a mini tourist train toots up and down the quay.

In 2016 the fashionable food trucks were a central theme. The dining or just drinking area was under a canopy and one choose either high bar stool style tables or waited to be seated at the more comfortable lounge table and chairs. One flexible detail was that the waiting staff would take your order from the different food trucks, whether it was burgers, sushi, Asian fusion or Andalusian. Ideal for mixed groups of friends with differing tastes.

This flexible idea was discontinued in 2017 and the food trucks were relocated down to the far end. Prices are slightly on expensive side, as you would expect in Sotogrande, but made up for by location and atmosphere. Ideal for those staying in Sotogrande and visitors from outside. There is a 350 place free underground car park alongside; entrance near the marina entrance to Sotogrande.

In Summer 2018 the food trucks and market concept was replaced by a number of restaurants with terraces being established in the Ribera del Marlin quay.  Whilst they offer a range of cuisine the interesting and innovative gourmet market experience has disappeared in favour of a standard quayside restaurant experience. The night market continues but only on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Ribera del Marlín near Sotogrande Marina.

Opening times: 
July and August  12.00 to 02,00 hrs.



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Jugania is a children’s play area and a firm favourite among families. It consists of a number of energetic rides and swings and castle and jumps.

Entrance to Ribera del Marlín near Sotogrande Marina.

Opening Times:
It is open from 12h00 to 00h00 and will be open all year round.

Sotogrande is truly the unique experience, a “Pebble beach” resort with a suburban feel – wide avenues lined by large luxury properties each with its own “single family dwelling”.

These luxury homes and villas in Sotogrande, Cadiz, are not only available for sale, but also for rent, both long and short term.

In the Sotogrande Costa residential zone that is predominantly large Villas their own single plots, many overlooking the golf course. There are also a number of more affordable townhouse developments.

Sotogrande has a mix of property types for sale. In the Marina area it is predominately Apartment and Penthouses.  Almost all will have stunning view over either the Marina  or the Beach or the Guadiaro river and nature reserve.

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